KiTZ Symposium 2019 Talks 2


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John Maris: Immunogenomics to create new treatment option for childhood cancers
Session 2
Julia Schueler: Single mouse trial: a preclinical platform feasible for drug screening, model characterization and translational biomarker development
Michele Dowless: The Selective Aurora Kinase A inhibitor LY3295668 Erbumine
Salt is Active in Preclinical Models of Neuroblastoma
Clinton Stewart: Pharmacokinetic Modeling and Simulation Provides the Basis for Dosing Methotrexate in Infants and Young Children with Medulloblastoma
Praveen Raju: P-selectin targeted nanoparticles enhance tumor targeting and drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier in an in vivo medulloblastoma model


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